Soul of a City_Bubble@3x

This one is for curious minds willing to dive deep, to go on a true journey of exploration
into the archetypes and symbols of the city that reveal so much to us: about the city,
the culture, and ourselves. 

Drawing on the work of Carl Gustav Jung, this format draws on the psychology of noticing and symbol. In the first part, we establish a baseline skillset and learn about the observation of context and the personal unconscious. In our guided walk, you’ll then put those skills to use, seeing the city, seeing yourself-in-the-city, and sharing these insights and impressions with the group. After that, we will explore the idea of the cultural complex – the second layer of the unconscious. We’ll relate your personal insights and observations to the history of the place and its symbols. In a second observation round, we’ll again deepen our understanding of symbol, sense and place. 

If all of that sounds really abstract, worry not! Put simply, the idea is that you will learn about yourself as much as you will learn about Berlin – on a fun, playful walk that will leave your mind buzzing with inspiration, a sense of connection, and a greater understanding of yourself in the world. 

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