If you’re a high-achieving woman, you’ll know all about the big challenges and little indignations of being female in a world of overwhelmingly male C-suites. Enter family and kids into the picture and stuff gets even harder. Trust us, we get it – we’ve been there ourselves. And we know we can make it better for you. Not easier, because it’s not going to be easy. But more fulfilling, more validating, more true to who you are and what you need. 

You deserve to feel that you belong. In the boardroom. In this city or the next. And while you cannot change the world around you – at least not all at once and perhaps not while wearing 3 inch heels – we would love to help you get to that place of peace and purpose from which you can flourish. 

Like all our coaching offers, this one also begins with an observation day. We want to see you up close and personal in your day-to-day activities and relationships so that we can get a real sense of who you are and where you are at, what brings you joy, what you struggle with. This is also a great basis to build our coaching relationship: an trusting partnership of equals, in which we empower you to become the kind of person you want to be, to achieve the kind of life you would like to have, and to reach the goals you’ve set yourself. 

After the observation day and our detailed questionnaire, we will clarify your concerns together, identify the precise areas in which you seek change and define really clear goals. Of course, as with any other coaching format we offer, this includes a tailor-made, step by step plan – not just so that you know what your coaching journey will involve, but also to give you a good sense of what you are achieving along the way. Through in-person sessions and the online CAI® World Platform coaching tools, we’ll work to harness your strengths, reframe your weaknesses, and build a great basis of resources for you. 

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