This one is all about you. Because to be in charge of a team, you’ve got to be in charge of yourself. You’ve got to take ownership of your dreams, ambitions, skills as much as your fears and insecurities. And because it’s all about you, we don’t do this as a “one size fits all, follow method X” format. After all, which amazing leader ever came out of a cookie cutter program? 

To ensure that perfect fit for you, we gauge your unique needs, desires, and questions through a questionnaire. Then comes the first big step: we embark on an observation day, in which we shadow you at work to witness your leadership style and team environment first-hand. Afterwards, you’ll receive a detailed report, chock full of thorough analysis and invaluable insights. 

On the basis of this, we’ll chart out a personalised plan for your Holistic Leadership Journey: your areas for growth and development, your aims, your way forward. With our large toolbox comprising coaching qualifications in a multitude of areas, executive education and decades of experience in leadership positions, we’ll bring to life a tailor-made program that gets you to where you want to be. True to your own values, to bring to life what gives you purpose and joy, and to empower you to guide others to do their best work.

We find that the way to get the best results is to have regular in-person sessions supported through the online CAI® World Platform. That way, we can also have online sessions when you’re travelling and save all your learnings, tasks, and insights along the way to help you get the most out of your experience. 

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